ALLTHRINTM. Currently existing natural supplements that treat diseases of the muscular – skeletal system and joints have a common disadvantage, which is caused by the structure of cartilage and other tissues of the joint, a protracted period of treatment that is required to obtain a positive result. This circumstance was particularly taken into account with the creators of the new combined natural supplement ALLTHRINTM. In addition to traditionally used glucosamine, chondroitine and MCM, ALLTHRINTM uses ingredients – such as inosine and orotates, which act as bio-stimulants and worked well in sport and traditional medicine.

This new solution made it possible to increase the effectiveness of treatment due to the following impact factors (as compared to well-known brands):

  • Improve the conditions of nutrient delivery and repair materials to the places of destruction in the body.
  • Strengthen the tendon-muscular frame that supports the joint capsule.
  • Increased energy status of the body, that leads to an overall increased efficiency.
  • Effectively eradicates joint pain.
  • Helps regain motion flexibility -Increases the stamina during exercise because of its continuing effect on the musculoskeletal system.
  • Prevents the degeneration of the cartilage and intervertebral discs-Increases the elasticity and resilience of the cartilage against mechanical forces.
  • Improves the quality of the lubrication in the joint that eases the motion.
  • Strengthens the joint soft tissues, reducing the pressure on the cartilage.
  • Has an anti-inflammation effect, alleviating the pain.
  • Restores the bone connective tissue, which had deteriorated under the cartilage on the late stages of the disease.
  • Helps reduce the dosage of the medication, or drop it (only after consulting with the doctor).
  • Increases the flexibility of motion.
  • Improves the blood vessels condition in the joints, strengthens them, enhancing the microcirculation that boosts the cell nutrition and eliminates the accumulation of fluid in the joints.